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About Me

I think it is noteworthy that I am the type of person who has both favorite physicists and favorite mathematicians - @bsstahl 16 Apr 2017

Favorite Physicists Favorite Mathematicians
Harold "Hal" Stahl Ada Lovelace
Carl Sagan Alan Turing
Neil Degrasse Tyson Johannes Kepler
Nikola Tesla Rene Descartes
Marie Curie Isaac Newton
Richard Feynman Leonardo Fibonacci
Albert Einstein George Boole

Other notables: Niels Bohr, Galileo Galilei, Michael Faraday, Blaise Pascal, Johann Gauss, Grace Hopper, Stephen Hawking, Marvin Minsky, Daphne Koller, Benoit Mandelbrot

Some OSS Projects I Run

  • Liquid Victor
    • [Experimental] The media tracking and aggregation system that was used to assemble this presentation
  • Prehensile Pony-Tail
    • A blogging platform that produces plain HTML5/CSS output for ultimate scalability.
  • IntentBot
    • A microservices framework for creating conversational bots on top of Bot Framework.
  • LiquidNun
    • A library of abstractions and their implementations that help create loosely-coupled applications.
  • Toastmasters Agenda
    • A c# library and website for generating agenda's for Toastmasters meetings.


International Headquarters:

A weekend event where software creators come together to create great software for some amazing local charities

Artificial Intelligence

A Computational System that Behaves Rationally


A system is rational if it attempts to make the best possible decision​ based on the best available understanding of the problem (model)​ and of the state of the domain (data)​.

Intelligent Agents

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Knapsack Problems

Knapsack Problem.png